Aluma-Foam ® Roofing System

The best roof in the industry just got better!

Save $$ – Your heating and cooling could be reduced 30% to 70%.

Stops Roof rumble, yearly maintenance, and leaking roofs.

Approved by California Energy Commission, Department of Housing, and over 3,000 customers

Get peace of mind with the “High R” Insulated Aluma-Foam Roofing System.

Our trained professionals can install the system on your Manufactured Home, Add-on Rooms, Patio Covers, or any low pitched roof.

We can repair broken rafters, dry rot and any other damage caused by water leaks.

We are the undisputed leaders in Mobile Home Roofing Industry.·

  • Superior over all, higher thermal qualities
  • Higher long term R-Value
  • UL listed one pound density foam insulation used
  • Insulation available- 2” or 3” or tapered to add pitch
  • All new vents/we do not reuse old vents
  • Strongest edge rails with 2 ½ inch overhang
  • Meets HUD requirements
  • Can be walked on/durable/low maintenance
  • Fire resistant/sound resistant
  • Saves you money winter & summer
  • Watertight which eliminates leaks
  • Eliminates roof rumble
  • Designed for manufactured housing
  • We provide a full time service department
  • 20 year warranty/Transferable twice
  • Highly skilled professional crews
  • Higher Resale Value

Already have an Aluma-Foan Roofing System that has come up on the end of its 20 year Warranty, Ask us about our Warranty Extension Program.